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The combination of sorrel with scotch bonnet peppers makes this sauce extremely special. This mild and flavorful superior sauce of sorrel and scotch bonnet pepper offers anti-inflammatory benefits that protect the body from oxidative damage, on top of the perky flavor it adds to your food.

Jamaican sorrel is in fact what many of us know as hibiscus blossoms. Traditionally during the winter season these blossoms are dried and steeped in hot water.  This makes a popular drink throughout the Caribbean, Latin American (in Mexico it is called 'Flor de Jamaica', Australia it is Rosella. In Middle Eastern, and Africa countries it is called Zobo drink. The drink has a beautiful ruby colour and tart, tangy flavour that’s a little like cranberry and pomegranate. The blossoms of the sorrel are high in Vitamin C and flavonoids. Studies have shown that these properties have great health benefits. They are an anti-inflammatory, protecting the body from oxidative damages. 

Ingredients: scotch bonnet pepper, sorrel, ginger, onion, garlic, vinegar, cane sugar, spices, herbs and olive oil

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